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Ants FAQs

Question 7

Normal means have failed to control ants without resorting to chemicals and I need your help. How do I prevent ants from climbing a tree?

The tree is subject to watering daily by a sprinkler system and powders will not work. Sticky substances do not work, because the first 100 get stuck, and then the rest march over the top. Temporary sprays only kill a few, and the bait stations or ignored, because the scent of hummingbird food or corn (for the squirrels) is more tempting. Water moats only work temporarily because the water evaporates and the standing water attracts mosquitos.

I need to ddestroy the colonies without harming the birds, squirrels, or other creatures and while being as environmentally friendly as possible. The squirrels also are attracted to the additives in the ant bait stations (like the smell of peanut butter in the enforcer "pet safe" stations)