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Termites (Subterranean) FAQs

Question 7

After seeing a pile of 'dirt' in one of our bedrooms, then realizing it was termites, we called a termite company. They diagnosed subterranean termites and recommended either A. "... drilling the concrete slab in the interior water heater closet...and treating the subarea soil and soil along the perimeter of the substructure using Termidor-SC Termiticide...In addition, inject termite channels ...W/D-Force HPX-15. Topically treat all exposed wood members ...using Octa Borate....drilling through all concrete porches, etc." Or, B.) "...substandard secondary recommendation ....heater closet, drill the slab and treat the soil below...etc."


My question: I have autoimmune problems and do NOT want to use any type of toxic pesticides. However, I am told that there is no other less toxic way to effectively get rid of subterranean termites. Is there anything less toxic we can use? How toxic are these products they're recommending? If we allow them to drill it, etc, how long does the toxic stuff stay active?


Anyhow, THANK YOU SO MUCH for considering my question(s). I feel like I'm in a Catch-22. Also,we are currently remodeling our house (just poured concrete yesterday). And, I have a 7 year old son and two dogs. I would like to keep everyone healthy.