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Weeds FAQs

Question 3

I an an RN and I understand that there are many safety concerns about most herbicides. I've done extensive research and am trying to determine if Finale (or glufosinate ammonium products in general) is relatively safe compared to other herbicides if used to clear weeds from a home parking area. In the place it would be used, there are no issues of ground water, use on crops, drift to crops, the soil is arid with minimal rainfall, and there are minimal animals in this place, though there are some birds. Finale would be applied by a single adult using careful precautions (clothing, handwashing, eye and respiratory protection) to avoid exposure duing mixing and application. In other words, if you HAD to use some chemical due to manpower shortage for controlling weeds, and very safe products like Brush-B-Gone and Sycthe are not effective, is Finale a reasonable choice with low health risks in the situation described. Thank you for your help.

Question 5

I used diluted Ortho GroundClear (Glyphosate, isopropylamine salt 5%, Imazapyr, isopropylamine salt .08%, other ingredients 94.92%) on my back lawn - 12 x 20' hoping to eliminate all the weeds and then be able to plant it with other plants. I discovered that it is not for use on lawns and I'm concerned because it has been raining and think it may be in the nearby soil feeding fruit trees, a big juniper tree and maybe running off another 20 feet under the property line to my neighbor's fruit trees.


Can you help me? Is there anything I can do to undo this damage? I am so-o sorry I allowed a person to use this - I thought it was just better than Roundup for a big area, and now I'm worried because it is supposed to kill weeds for up to one year!


I am also concerned because of the intermittent rains, it is wet and cats may walk on it.


Do I need to dig up the dirt?


Should I pave over it?


I look forward to your reply.


Thank you for your assistance.