Pest Control Operators and Landscapers

For information on questions to ask a pest control service before you hire them, read this informative fact sheet.

For the names of pest management companies in the bay area, utilizing an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to managing pests, go to and and

If your county is not listed in the above site, read the fact sheet identified above before looking in the yellow pages of your telephone directory for a pest control service. Also try

For names of Professional Landscapers that use a Bay-Friendly approach, click here.

For general information on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) press here and also visit

For Structural Pest Control Operators and Professional Landscapers Only

  • If you work as a Structural Pest Control Operator and would like to be certified in IPM (Integrated Pest Management), for more information go to


  • If you work as a Professional Landscaper and would like information on the Bay-Friendly Landscape Maintenance Training & Qualification Program, click here or go to


  • If you work as a Pest Control Operator and would like to be certified in IPM (Integrated Pest Management), for more information, go to


The "Green Gardener" Program

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has declared San Francisco Bay, the Delta, and many local creeks polluted by common home and garden pesticides. These pesticides reach our waters through both the sewer and storm drain systems due to normal use and improper disposal. To address this problem, Bay Area water pollution prevention agencies are working to reduce the amount of pesticides entering sewer systems and storm drains. Sales data for the most popular pesticides in the country show that commercial applicators and consumers each account for about 50 percent of sales. So preventing pesticides from entering sewer systems and storm drains will take everyone's help.

The Green Gardener Program educates local gardeners in resource efficient and pollution prevention landscape maintenance practices. The Green Gardener Program is designed to offer education, training, and promotion of participating gardeners and landscape maintenance contractors.  For more information, visit the "Green Gardener" tab of this website by clicking here.