BannerThe banner (72" x 24") has multi-purposes and can be used indoors - as well as outdoors. It can be placed on the front of a table or hung from the ceiling. It is made from 16 oz. vinyl with UV InkJet.

Beneficial Bugs Brochure (The 10 Most Wanted Bugs in Your Garden)

Many home and garden bugs are considered "beneficial" - meaning they are actually helpful and can keep undesirable troublemakers under control.  Check out this brochure to learn how to attract beneficial insects to your garden and help keep pesty troublemakers under control.



BookletThis booklet includes the Our Water - Our World fact sheet series, in addition to information on the OWOW program, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Resources (e.g. books, websites, organizations and mail-order houses).

Pest Bugging You? - Choosing Products Less Toxic Less Toxic to People and Pets

Business Cards

Biz CardsThis is a card that is the same size as a business card. The back side of it can be used to customize information for a particular community. For example, in Marin County, CA it is used to give out the telephone number of the HHW facility (i.e. where to dispose of pesticides), who to call for illegal discharges to creeks, and where to get more information on less toxic pesticides.



Daisy Pot

Daisy PotThe flower came from the City of Palo Alto, CA and should print "as is" for letter-sized paper. Legal-sized paper should also work. If your printer options allow it, the easiest way to print legal size is to print from the “Print with Preview” and check the box to “Scale to Fit Media.” Print out both sides of daisy. Daisy Front. Daisy Back.

If you are printing on heavier stock and can’t tell if they are exactly back to back, cut them out separately before you laminate. Glue the top halves together, remembering that later you’ll want to stick a pencil up the middle for a stem/support.

Laminate them together using a sturdy 10 or 20 mil envelope (counting thickness of both sides of the envelope). Otherwise the flower will flop over. Cut out the flower and stick your pencil stem up the middle between the layers. Glue the leaves together with the pencil inside. Don’t glue the paper together where the pencil goes! The pencil itself may or may not stick with your glue but can be reinserted.

Print the OWOW Earth logo. For the letter-size flower , use an 8” diameter logo for a 7” pot. Make a hole in the middle of the circle just big enough to hold the pencil stem tightly.

Flier - Outreach / Training Events

FlyerThis flier was developed so individual "partners" in the OWOW program can use it to announce upcoming store trainings or community educational events and/or workshops taking place in a retail store.





Flier - Professional IPM Help - Bay Area

Flyer - Bay AreaThis flier was developed so individual "partners" in the OWOW program can use it to refer people to the growing number of officially trained and certified IPM (less-toxic pest control) providers in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Flier - Professional IPM Help - Generic

This flier was developed so individal "partners" in the OWOW program can customize the wording and use it to refer people to the growing number of officially trained and certified IPM (less-toxic pest control) providers in other geographic areas.


Header/Side Label

Header/SideThe header (9.5" x 12") was placed at the top of the literature rack and the side panel (4" x 34") was placed on the side of the rack. These items helped to draw attention to the fact sheet display.





Healthy Gardening Flier

FlierThis flier was developed by Central Contra Costa Sanitary District. They orginally developed the Our Water Our World Program. It is very useful as a table-top display. You can place announcements of workshops in front of it.





Healthy Gardening Workshop

Healthy GardensTo educate the general public about "healthy gardening", workshops and seminars are held in various communities. The flier to your right is an announcement of the workshop held in one of those communities. Some jurisdictions charge, others offer it for free. The downloadable flier can be customized to suit the needs of a particular municipality. It is available with a registration form and without. Some workshops included an extensive resource binder for each participant. To view the Table of Contents of this binder, click here.




LabelThese stickers are similar to the "Property of" labels used for the literature racks. They fit on number 6878 Avery Labels (same as "Property of" stickers) . They can be customized with your organization's name and placed on folders that contain OWOW fact sheets, etc.

Spanish Language Labels




MagnetThis magnet (3" wide x 3.75" long)is made available to promote the Our Water - Our World website and is distributed through various venues. The Our Water - Our World logo (i.e. the globe) in the center of the magnet can be punched out and used as a second magnet. The resulting "hole" then becomes a picture frame - a space to place your favorite photo!





Name Badges

BadgeThis is a "template" for Name Badges that can be worn to help identify those involved in doing community events - especially "tablings" in retail stores. When printing, use the following labels or their equivalent:

Avery Labels for Color Laser & Copier (If you're using an ink-jet printer, you'll probably need a different item number) 2" x 3-3/4" 25 Sheets, 8 Labels per Sheet, 200 Total Labels Item #6873 Price $15.25

These are "sticky-back" labels.

When printing, make sure you do it for the full page at 100%. The label is on the Avery web site at the following address, if you need to access it: Click Here for Avery

Pest or Pal Guide

Pet PalThis booklet was modified from "The Pest Patrol" originally developed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and distributed by U.S. EPA, Office of Pesticide Programs. It was revised for California Kids and although it was distributed as part of a teacher training through a Prop 13 grant from the State Water Resources Control Board, it also "stands alone" - providing students (particularly in grades 2 - 5) with fun activities and useful information. Adults find it helpful, too!

(Click here for the Table of Contents found in the teacher resource binder distributed as part of the training. Click here to view a sample flier advertising the teacher workshop. The flier was created in a format that allowed the information to be customized by individual co-sponsors.)

Download "Pets or Pal? An Activity Guide for Kids"

Product Guide

The Product Guide of Eco-Friendly Products to Manage Pests in Your Home and Garden is a handy guide to controlling 11 of the most common pests. It is small enough to fit in a wallet or purse and be ready to use when shopping for pest control products. It lists eco-riendly products for each of the common pests, as well as less-toxic active ingredients to look for, and what to avoid. The Product Guide also provides information on how to properly disopose of unwanted products and it lists plants that attract helpful insects and butterflies to your garden.


Poster 1

PosterThe poster (36" x 26") has multiple uses - e.g. it can be placed in participating retail stores or it can be used to attract attention at community events. It can also be laminated to extend its useful life.




Poster 2

The poster has multiple uses - e.g. it can be placed in participating retail stores or it can be used to attract attention at community events. It can also be laminated to extend its useful life.

This poster is available in the following 3 sizes:





Rack Labels

Rack LabelUse with Avery Shipping Labels Number 6878 were 3 3/4" x 4 3/4"). Literature Rack Label (3.75" x 4.75") - This was placed on the literature racks (58 1/2" H, 20 pockets, heavy duty steel), provided to each retail store partner, for displaying the fact sheets. It served as a reminder that the rack belonged to the local government agency sponsoring the program, and was not the property of the store. In the white space, the name of the participating local government sponsor was included - along with a phone number. This made it convenient for retail store staff to call their local government contact if they needed anything.



Recruitment Booklet

RecruitmentThis booklet was developed as part of the original OWOW program. Minor modifications were done in 2003 but the graphics still reflect those from the original program. The booklet was used to encourage retail store partnerships.





Shelf Talker 2008 - 2013

Self TalkerThis revised shelf-talker was introduced in Spring 2006. Wording was changed to reflect products that are less toxic to people and pets. It was also changed to make it more easily adaptable when shelf space is at a premium - e.g. the OWOW logo (with the daisy on the reverse side) can be creased and can stick out in the aisle if necessary, as opposed to laying snug against the shelf.

Also available in Spanish.