Our Water Our World

This website has been developed to assist consumers in managing home and garden pests in a way that helps protect Our Water - Our World. Among other things, this site offers:

  • assorted fact sheets/forma informativas on specific pests and methods to manage them without using hazardous materials.
  • pocket guide to managing 10 common pests
  • information on where to buy less toxic alternatives to pesticides, including fungicides and herbicides.
  • an alphabetized list of some (not all) products that are considered less toxic alternatives to more conventional pesticides.
  • list of products sorted by the pest it targets.
  • an Ask the Expert feature that allows you to ask a specific question and receive a personal reply.

Visit NorCal IPM  for information to assist municipalities, pest control operators and landscapers.

For a 2 minute video on how the Our Water - Our World program helps customers in retail stores, click here (NOTE: Video starts at 00:35 second mark in recording). Video courtesy of KRON 4, San Francisco.


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